Most online store owner ignore keywords because they don’t understand the value and essence of keyword to the success of their online storefront. Keywords reflect the intention of your target customers via search. Understanding the basic concepts of how keyword words will position you to offer potential customers exactly what they want to find.

Keywords for your online store need to be specific, relevant, applicable and clearly associated with the content of your e-commerce site. Now that you understand that keywords reflect your target customers’ intentions via search, how do you now capitalize on that to improve your sales and lead generations?

The Value of Keywords:

When a potential customer queries “ANDROID PHONES” on a search engine portal, such person is probably starting to research a buying decision. If such customer, start querying “SAMSUNG GALAXY” he/she has started narrowing down his/her choice and very close to making a buying decision. When the customer start searching for “SAMSUNG GALAXY S5” he is probably getting ready to make the purchase.

If you’re selling “TECNO” phones on your e-commerce site and you want to increase your sales, the best thing to do, is to have your e-commerce site adverts on the side of the search page when people are searching and typing in these “SAMSUNG” keywords.


Online shoppers communicate their intentions on the internet through keywords. Keywords are the codes, terms or phrases that increase traffic and generate sales for online stores. Break the code and the reward is yours in form of online profits.

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