How to buy security camera on AliExpress is our guide on how to get the best security cameras on AliExpress for a cheap price.

Security is no longer a thing you leave in the hands of other people due to the spike in criminal activities around us. In June 2017, the Nigeria Police Force announced that the ‘Most Notorious Kidnapper in Nigeria’ was arrested in his residence at Magodo Estate in Lagos and in August 2017, Lagos residents uncovered kidnappers and ritual killers den in a tunnel located at Obadeyi-Ijaiye end of the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway.

Also, what can only be described as a scene from Hollywood action-packed movie happened during a bank robbery in Owerri. A fierce gun battle between armed gun men and security officers of the bank was captured on the bank’s security camera.


These events and other ungodly acts happening in our environs have made having a secure and safe home, office or business space a top priority in our minds. But thanks to advancement in technology, now it is much easier to have a surveillance and security camera with IP and WIFI at home or wherever your precious assets are located to keep a watch every time even if you are away from home. It makes checking on all happenings at the place or location easy in real time.


Tracking events at home, monitoring the nanny or house help behaviour with your child or children in your absence or getting abreast of situations of things in the office can be done at your fingertips using your smart devices (phone, laptop or tablets).

What do you need to get a Surveillance Camera working?

Internet connection is the essential ingredient needed for the effective operation of IP surveillance cameras and security system in your home and thank goodness for the availability of cheap, reliable and fast internet connection anywhere in Nigeria and around the world.  You can easily secure your home by installing a surveillance camera and security systems in strategic places in your home or office for easy and effective coverage of events and activities.

Why should you Buy IP Surveillance Cameras and Security System Now?

  • Its connectivity is wireless making it stress-free and saves you the pains of dealing with entangled wires.
  • It gives you a night view of your space.
  • It secures your assets from burglars and petty thieves.
  • All recording/capturing are done on SD card.
  • The resolution of the images and videos is in High Definition (HD) which gives you crystal clear images.
  • It’s simple and easy to install.
  • You can monitor and track events from any internet-enabled devices away from home.



This wireless security camera has more than 17,000 sales on AliExpress. It’s a surveillance wifi camera with 720p Night Vision and suitable for use as Baby Monitor. The CCTV camera cost less than $50 and you will be buying it directly from the manufacturer’s store on AliExpress which even give you more comfort for getting a bargain if you negotiate or get it when it’s on sales.

→ Get It Now On AliExpress


→ Buy Now On AliExpress


Vstarcam HD Wireless Security Camera

This high definition (HD) IP wireless surveillance night and day network security camera has more than 7,000 sales on AliExpress. It’s a plug and play wifi camera with motion detection that allows you monitor your home, children or office with easy access from your smart devices.

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DayTech Security Camera

→ Buy From Seller On AliExpress

DayTech Home Wireless Network Security Camera with Night vision

This IP wireless security camera has more than 2800 sales over AliExpress and is best for monitoring via Phones or PC. They cost you around $50 but frequently there are deals and offers going on which may lead to the much lesser cost of the IP camera.

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Xiaomi Yi Home Security Cameras

→ Get Yi Surveillance Camera Now On AliExpress

Xiaomi Yi Smart Camera

The 4X zoom High Resolution camera from Xiomi has more than 1,000 sales on AliExpress. It is one of the most rated and sold IP Surveillance camera on AliExpress. It is compatible with all Android Devices. Cost less than $50. Yi Home camera makes connecting your home anytime, anywhere very easy. The Yi Home Camera app sends instant activity alerts to your phone using the motion detection technology.

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Mostly used as decoy to deter thieves, this fake surveillance  cameras are the bestsellers in the market with a supporting LED. It is very cheap costing only $5-20 usd.

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Here are also some of the best Shops on AliExpress to buy IP Surveillance Camera:-

All the sellers/shops below have been selected based on customer feedbacks, ratings and Cameras sold. They hold years of experience in selling electronic products.

HY Security IP Camera Co Ltd opens shop on AliExpress on July 12th, 2015 with over 2,600 feedbacks, 3 diamonds and 97% positive feedback rating.

Best Smart Home Security System started doing business on AliExpress on Dec. 8th, 2015 with over 3,900 feedbacks, 3 diamonds and 96.6% positive rating.

 Zosi Official Store was opened on AliExpress on April 14th, 2014 with over 3,000 feedback and 3 diamonds.

 Safer Official Store is a relatively new store that opened on AliExpress on May 10th, 2017 with 4 stars and 100% positive feedback.

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