Shop the best mobile phone accessories from AliExpress for your android phones, iPhones and other devices. Choose from AliExpress huge selection of phone accessories for your device. Dress your phone up with a case that will protect it while adding style value. Grab a 5,000mAh to 30,000mAh power bank that will best fit your needs. You can also find your next back-up or travel-ready phone chargers. Just shop from these trustworthy AliExpress phone accessories vendors for your cables, fast chargers, portable chargers, GaN chargers, wall adaptors, wireless chargers and car chargers.

Our mobile phone is always with us all the time and you investing some amount to increase your phone functions and protecting it with the best smartphone gear available on AliExpress is a great choice to make right now.

Your mobile phone goes everywhere with you, as your link to work, family and friends, your music player on the go, your map that help you navigate your way around city traffic, your tour guide on road trip, your camera capturing awesome moments, your mobile movie theater and your fitness partner helping you count important metric towards living a healthy lifestyle.

To get the most out of your mobile phone, you need a smartphone accessory which largely improve your phone functions and help you preserve its quality and longevity.

However, finding the right phone accessories that will make sure your smartphone pull its maximum weight isn’t an easy task because of the various option available.

The quality of the phone accessories available in the market also differs, that is why we have handpicked best phone accessories vendors on AliExpress for you.

Shop the best phone accessories with ease from top-rated smartphone accessories brand on AliExpress.


Get your phone fast chargers, cables, cases, cover, wireless charger, screen protector, power bank, headphone, wireless earbud, Bluetooth speaker, memory card, phone stabilization gimbal, car charger, phone holder and many more from these phone accessories vendor on AliExpress.


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When shopping for phone accessories on AliExpress, identifying a trustworthy smartphone gear brand can be a daunting task for both new users and experienced shoppers that is why we handpicked the best phone accessories seller on AliExpress for you.

We intensively search for the best smartphone accessories vendor on AliExpress with high reputation to find you quality phone accessories, you can buy at affordable price with ease of mind.

But you also need to do your due diligence to find the right smartphone gadget that suit your need and we suggest you considers the following when making a purchase on AliExpress.



A phone accessory seller with a good rating have a great reputation. To help ease your shopping stress and find top quality smartphone gears on AliExpress, previous customers of the vendor are expected to rate their shopping experience with the vendor.


A vendor on AliExpress is rated based on 3 things:

  • Item as Described: To ensure you get only the best product on AliExpress, previous buyers are asked and expected to rate the product delivered to them by the vendor if it is as described. This rating helps you understand the quality of the product sold by the vendor.
  • Communication: Is the vendor user-friendly, how is the responsiveness to inquires or request for more information. When you reach out to the vendor for help or assistance, was he/she prompt and helpful. All these and more are what previous buyers will tell you about the vendor on AliExpress.
  • Shipping: How slow or fast is the shipping method used by the vendor. Did the vendor usually delay in processing orders or he/she promptly process orders immediately. These rating by previous buyer will give you an idea about how fast your order will be delivered.

Caveat: Do not based your entire purchase decision on these rating because they are variable and sometimes not accurate. They change very six (6) months. So a vendor with a bad rating at the moment on AliExpress could improve and get start getting good rating.

It is also essential to understand what cause the bad rating. If it is “Item as Described” that cause the bad rating, please avoid the vendor at all cost. But if it is “Communication” or “Shipping Speed” that causes the bad rating, you need to investigate further before making a decision.

If it is “Communication”, most buyer usually forget that they are dealing with “Chinese Seller” whose native language differs and time zone difference could also play a part in poor communication.

China can be several hours ahead or behind depending on where you reside in the world.  China is 7 hours ahead of Lagos or Abuja (Nigeria), Paris (France), Berlin (Germany) South Africa and Belgium, 13 hours ahead of Toronto (Canada), Ottawa (Canada), Washington (United States), New York (United States), Boston (USA) and Atlanta (USA), 16 hours ahead of San Francisco(USA) and Los Angeles (USA). China is 8 hours ahead of London (UK),

A new seller/vendor on AliExpress will usually have a good rating and some manipulative vendors could also get people to rate them high by leaving fake rating.


This is a goldmine and the hidden secret of finding quality and top-rated phone accessories on AliExpress. Here is where, previous customers that had bought a phone accessory from the vendor gives juicy details about the phone accessory, vendor’s customer service and the speed of shipping.

You can filter the feedbacks or customer reviews to your taste, by only reading previous customer reviews from your country or read/view feedbacks with photos of product delivered.

Pay attention to details given here please.


Never ever buy a product on AliExpress because of the awesome picture. Make sure you read the product details provided by the vendor on the product page before making payment.




A Top Brand on AliExpress is a highly-rated phone accessories vendor/brand or authorized reseller of a brand who sells top quality, genuine and original phone accessories.

When you buy a phone gear from a top-brand on AliExpress, you are getting a genuine phone accessories from China’s best leading brands or authorized brand reseller.

It is also your perfect protection on AliExpress against buying a fake, replica and counterfeit phone accessories.


Please never ever make payment to a vendor directly outside AliExpress. Shop on AliExpress with confidence and always make payment for your orders on AliExpress only.

There are several payment options available on AliExpress. You can make payment for orders on AliExpress using your credit card, debit card or PayPal.

AliExpress will return your money back to you, if the item you received is not as described or your order is not delivered within your Buyer Protection Period.

If you are not happy or satisfied with the item delivered to you, never allow a vendor trick you to confirm your order or wait for your Buyer Protection Period to elapsed before taking action.


After making payment, you expect the vendor to ship your phone accessory and provide you with a tracking number to monitor your order movement from the vendor.

But you need to understand that not all orders are trackable depending on the value of the order and the shipping method used by the vendor.

There are 2 major shipping modes used by AliExpress vendors to ship orders

  1. Standard Shipping
  2. Ordinary Shipping

Tracking number provided for orders shipped via Standard mode of shipping enables you track your orders within and outside China. It means you will be able to track your order movement from the vendor’s warehouse in China to your doorstep where ever you reside in the world.

If a vendor uses “Ordinary Shipping” mode to dispatch your order, you will only be able to track your order within China. Once your order left China, you will not be able to track or ascertain your order whereabouts until it is delivered to you.

AliExpress ordinary shipping couriers are China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus, 4PX Singapore Post OM Pro, YunExpress Economic Air Mail, SunYou Economic Air Mail or Malaysia Post (POS Malaysia) Air Mail.

AliExpress standard shipping couriers are ePacket Express, DHL, FEDEx, UPS, TNT and Registered Air Mail such as China Post, Singapore Post, Turkey Post, Belgium Post, Netherland Post, Sweden Post or Malaysia Post.

For fast and quick shipping use ePacket Express, DHL, FEDEx, UPS or TNT.

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